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Well, if you are checking this blog–you are possibly wishing for days gone by when I taught you at Brookswood! Sorry, but I will not be there this year.

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Final Project: 10% of Final Mark

Event Planning!

For more information on the steps and tips about event planning, download the powerpoint presentation EVENTplanning

Organization Poster

Create an advertisement poster for a home organization company.  You will need a name, a tagline and a list of services you will offer to clients with prices for these offers.  To find out more about what your competition is doing, research some local companies to get prices and an idea of what they offer.  Make in photoshop, word or powerpoint.

Organization: You


1. Face the Function

2. Cull the Clutter

3. Deconstruct to Redesign

Using these three major rules, you are going to complete the following assignment:

Take a picture of a room/space you need to organize.  Make a list of 5 things that you can do to organize the space.  How can you be effective and efficient while organizing?  Make a dream shopping list of organizational tools.  Attempt to organize the space and show an after picture.  If you can’t actually organize the space, sketch the ideal final look that you would like to achieve.

Home Staging

1. Look at what the professionals have to say:

2. Go to and search a variety of homes for sale in your area.

Choose 5 homes and look at the pictures provided.  Based on what the experts say, what would you change about specific rooms in the houses being offered for sale?  Give at least 2 things for 3 rooms in each house.

You will hand in:

A MS Word document that has each picture and your advice next to it.  5 homes, 3 rooms each = 15 different items to write about.  Try to choose 3 different types of homes (Condo, townhome, home, mansion, etc)

Top Design: Brookswood Part 1