SketchUp Commercial Space

Create a commercial space.  Dimensions are 50 feet by 50 feet.  Place walls anywhere you would like.  Either do a day spa, a clothing store or an office that includes a reception area.  Due before spring break.


2-Story Cafe

Using Sketch Up and furniture you create and/or import from the warehouse, create a layout for a 2 Story Cafe.  The food preparation area may be slightly less detailed than the rest of the Cafe.  This is a way for you to experience with placement, determine the flow of a space with interacting with furniture and walls and to explore other ways to make a space stand out (especially when customers or clients are concerned!).

Component Project

Using Sketchup, create your own component that is just as detailed and fancy-smancy as the models that you can download from Google.

Must be either a couch, bed or other complex item with colors that take into account a colour scheme.

Sketch up Using Models

Using models found in the Google 3D Warehouse, create another room in Sketchup.

Sketch Up Lab #1

Using Google SketchUp create a 3D Bedroom floorplan.  You must have at least 4 pieces of furniture and 2 walls.  Submit by exporting it as a jpeg and then put it into the dropbox.

Ikea Room Layout Part #2

In a separate document; you are now going to present to your client a partial “concept” sheet.  For this design, you will need to include the pictures of the Ikea furniture used in your design.  Next to each piece of furniture, provide the colour choice.  This is part of the “concept” package that would be provide to the client.

Ikea Room Layout #1

Using scale of 1 inch = 1 foot, create a layout for a room sized 11 x 17 (use the large paper provided in class).

You are going to be using furniture from Ikea.  Their website gives you the dimensions for the furniture, so you may use exact dimensions in your floorplan. Use some colour to showcase what you’ve chosen.  Also, on each piece of furniture, please give the product name and the dimensions.  You may create a bedroom, livingroom, or dining room.